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Kandinsky : Watercolours and Other Works on Paper
by Frank Whitford
Thames & Hudson
Hardcover - 212 pages
(September 1999)

List Price: $55.00
Amazon: $38.50
You Save: $16.50 (30%)
Vasily Kandinsky was one of the most pivotal figures in the development of modernist painting. He was born in the mid 19th-century, and by the time of his death in 1944 he had played a key role in revolutionizing the nature of European painting, and laying the groundwork for future movements. Most...

Rembrandt by Himself
by Christopher White(Editor), Quentin Buvelot (Editor)
Yale Univ Pr
Hardcover - 256 pages
(August 1999)

List Price: $45.00
Amazon: $31.50
You Save: $13.50 (30%)
Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) may not have been a handsome man, but he was an exceptional painter of himself. This sumptuous catalog, published to coincide with the exhibition of his self-portraits at the National Gallery in London, has glossy reproductions of all the paintings and etchings from...

Tapies: Complete Works (Vol. 5)
by Anna Agusti(Editor)
Rizzoli International Publications
Hardcover - 504 pages
(February 1999)

Amazon: $225.00

This book is the fifth in a series that catalogs the complete works of artist Antoni Tàpies. Born in 1923 in Barcelona, Spain, Tàpies is a self-taught painter. He turned to abstraction in 1953 and became known for his use of raw materials in his paintings, including dust, dye, dirt,...

Portraits by Ingres : Image of an Epoch
by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, et al
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hardcover - 500 pages
(May 1999)

List Price: $85.00
Amazon: $59.50
You Save: $25.50 (30%)
Like his contemporaries, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres considered history paintings to be the most exalted form of art, with portraiture a lesser genre. Even during his lifetime, however, tastes were changing, and while icons like his Turkish Bath and Grande Odalisque are still highly regarded,...

Dosso Dossi : Court Painter in Renaissance Ferrara
by Peter Humfrey, et al
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hardcover - 328 pages
(March 1999)

List Price: $65.00
Amazon: $45.50
You Save: $19.50 (30%)
From 1514 to 1542, Dosso Dossi was official painter to the court of Ferrara, one of the most enlightened centers of the Italian High Renaissance. His accomplished allegorical works and landscapes were very highly regarded--in 1568, Vasari, the leading critic of the time, described him as the...

Victorian Painting
by Lionel Lambourne
Phaidon Press Inc.
Hardcover - 512 pages
(September 1999)

List Price: $59.95
Amazon: $41.97
You Save: $17.98 (30%)
After 500 pages of sparkling, appreciative text and gorgeously reproduced paintings of fairies, angels, knights in shining armor, Queen Victoria, rustic bumpkins, mermaids, society ladies, gamboling colts, roses, storm-tossed seas, and small children accompanied by mutts, not to mention Ophelia...

7. Van Dyck : 1599-1641
by Christopher Brown(Editor), et al
Rizzoli International Publications
Hardcover - 352 pages
(May 1999)

List Price: $75.00
Amazon: $52.50
You Save: $22.50 (30%)
Coinciding with the 1999 exhibitions of his paintings in Antwerp and London, Anthony van Dyck: 1599-1641 celebrates the 400th anniversary of the birth of the celebrated Flemish painter. Van Dyck is perhaps best known for his religious paintings, which are outstanding examples of the Baroque style,...

8. Francisco Goya Y Lucientes : 1746-1828
by Janis Tomlinson
Phaidon Press Inc.
Paperback - 320 pages
Reprint edition (April 1999)

List Price: $39.95
Amazon: $31.96
You Save: $7.99 (20%)
This paperback edition of the award-winning study of the life and work of Goya is filled with the same fine reproductions as the original 1994 hardcover. Goya was one of Spain's greatest and most controversial painters, famous for incisive portraits and the "black" paintings of his later years....

9. Diego Rivera
by Pete Hamill, Diego Rivera
Harry N Abrams
Hardcover - 208 pages
(September 1999)

List Price: $49.50
Amazon: $34.65
You Save: $14.85 (30%)
In another life, before becoming one of the best known and most popular journalists in New York and the author of the bestselling memoir A Drinking Life, Pete Hamill studied art on the GI Bill in Mexico City. Upon seeing the monumental work of José Clemente Orozco, however, he abruptly lost...

10. Van Gogh's Van Goghs : Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
by Richard Kendall, et al
Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated
Hardcover - 160 pages
(October 1998)

List Price: $37.50
Amazon: $26.25
You Save: $11.25 (30%)
This lavish but manageable book is the catalog for one of the most successful van Gogh exhibitions ever (at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., through January 3, 1999, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from January 17, 1999, to April 4, 1999). Judging from the haunting,...

11. History of Art
by H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson (Contributor)
Harry N Abrams
Hardcover - 1000 pages
5th Rev edition (October 1997)

Amazon: $75.00

For thousands of art lovers both amateur and professional, aesthetic life began with Janson, as H.W. Janson's History of Art is often called. In the first edition, published in 1962, Janson spoke to that perennial reader he gently called "the troubled layman." His opening paragraph revealed his...

12. The American Century: Art and Culture 1900-1950
by Barbara Haskell, Maxwell L. Anderson
W.W. Norton & Company
Hardcover - 406 pages
(April 1, 1999)

List Price: $60.00
Amazon: $42.00
You Save: $18.00 (30%)
To celebrate the coming millennium, the Whitney Museum of American Art is mounting a tremendous nine-month show covering American art from 1900 to 2000. The American Century: Art and Culture, 1900-1950, by curator Barbara Haskell, is the catalog for the first part of the exhibition. Included are...

13. Paul Rand
by Steven Heller, et al
Phaidon Press Inc.
Hardcover - 240 pages
(May 1999)

List Price: $69.95
Amazon: $48.97
You Save: $20.98 (30%)
IBM, UPS, ABC. If these acronyms ring a bell, their ubiquitous logos springing instantly to mind, then you know the work of Paul Rand (1914-1996), the Picasso of Graphic Design. A pioneer in the field of visual communication, Rand developed a fresh and individual design language drawn from European...

14. The Art Book
Phaidon Press Inc.
Paperback - 503 pages
Reprint edition (April 1997)

List Price: $9.95
Amazon: $7.96
You Save: $1.99 (20%)
There is no introductory essay, there are no comparative illustrations, and there is little placement of these 500 works in historical context. The Art Book is a completely visual survey of the history of art. Each of the 500 great works is arranged by artist from A to Z. Works are not surrounded...

15.   The Story of Art
by Ernest H. Gombrich
Phaidon Press Inc.
Paperback - 688 pages
16th edition (October 1995)

List Price: $29.95
Amazon: $23.96
You Save: $5.99 (20%)
Enjoy the most famous book on art ever published: an overview which covers the entire subject, from early cave paintings to modern experimental art. This has been revamped for the first time since 1972, offering larger illustrations, more color, and improved text and coverage. Highly recommended.

16. Matisse : Father & Son
by John Russell
Harry N Abrams
Hardcover - 464 pages
(May 1999)

List Price: $39.95
Amazon: $27.97
You Save: $11.98 (30%)
Author John Russell knew Pierre Matisse (1900-1989) personally, and after his death was invited to work in the legendary art dealer's archives. Among the treasure-trove of material was 34 years' worth of correspondence between Matisse and his father, the legendary French painter Henri Matisse...

Art for Dummies (For Dummies)
by Thomas Hoving
IDG Books Worldwide
Paperback - 384 pages
(September 1999)

List Price: $24.99
Amazon: $17.49
You Save: $7.50 (30%)
What a privilege it is to stroll through thousands of years of magnificent art with the keen-eyed, confident, supremely knowledgeable Thomas Hoving, the former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose opinionated, charming prose could make anyone feel like an art-world insider. Whether or...

The American Century: Art and Culture, 1950-2000
by Lisa Phillips
W W Norton & Co
Hardcover - 408 pages
(October 1999)

List Price: $60.00
Amazon: $42.00
You Save: $18.00 (30%)
This lively compendium is the catalog for the second half of the Whitney Museum of American Art's nine-month, two-part exhibition on American culture of the last 100 years. The author, Lisa Phillips, is now director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, but she spent 20 years at the...

Andy Goldsworthy : A Collaboration With Nature
by Andrew Goldsworthy, Andy Goldsworthy
Harry N Abrams
Hardcover - 1 pages
(September 1990)

Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy uses a seemingly infinite array of purely natural materials, from snow and ice to leaves, stone, and twigs in the creation of his one-of-a-kind sculptures. Unlike such artists as Christo and Michael Hiezer, whose works leave definite marks on the landscape,...

20. Surreal Lives : The Surrealists 1917-1945
by Ruth Brandon
Hardcover - 528 pages
(September 1999)

List Price: $32.50
Amazon: $22.75
You Save: $9.75 (30%)
Playful, amusing, frivolous, and bizarre. As Ruth Brandon points out in the preface to her marvelous Surreal Lives, surrealism has passed into everyday life as a byword for the strange. However, as this wonderfully exhaustive book point outs, the intellectual and political drive behind the movement...

Art at the Turn of the Millennium
by Uta Grosenick, et al
TASCHEN America Llc
Hardcover - 576 pages
(May 1999)

Amazon: $39.99

Art at the Turn of the Millennium is a mega-exhibition--a Documenta or Venice Biennale in book form. There are 137 artists on view here in 1,200 illustrations, a nearly dizzying array of work chosen by a team of seven experts on contemporary art. Each artist gets four pages within which readers will...

The American Art Book
Phaidon Press Inc.
Hardcover - 512 pages
(May 1999)

List Price: $39.95
Amazon: $27.97
You Save: $11.98 (30%)
Accessibility is the code word for Phaidon's new 500-page dictionary of American art. The book values images over words, and its longest text is the introduction, which is printed in large, bold face and hardly fills one page. But it does describe the book's mission well: "Each artist is represented...

Andy Warhol : Drawings 1942-1987
by Mark Francis, et al
Bulfinch Pr
Hardcover - 319 pages
(October 1999)

List Price: $100.00
Amazon: $70.00
You Save: $30.00 (30%)
Though he is chiefly viewed as a monumental pop-art icon, Andy Warhol was truly a man of many talents. But his component parts don't necessarily match up. He made paintings, prints, sculptures, installations, performances; he produced one of the greatest rock bands of all time, the Velvet...

Rembrandt's Eyes
by Simon Schama, et al
Hardcover - 640 pages
(November 1999)

List Price: $50.00
Amazon: $30.00
You Save: $20.00 (40%)
The great 17th-century Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn left us so many arresting self-portraits, painted at every stage in his eventful life, that his distinctive face and bearing are a familiar part of the 20th-century cultural landscape, a recognizable presence in galleries across Europe and North...

The Sound of Sleat
by Jon Schueler, et al
Picador USA
Hardcover - 359 pages
1st picado edition (March 1999)

List Price: $30.00
Amazon: $21.00
You Save: $9.00 (30%)
It's hard to decide which aspect of painter Jon Schueler's painfully candid memoir is more fascinating: the unsparing depictions of his tormented relationships with women, or the nuts-and-bolts details of the art trade's byzantine financial dealings. In both cases, Schueler (1916-92) never minces...


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