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Thank you for your interest!

We suggest you to print this page and read it carefully.

Gallart Network offers all painters the opportunity to display their work. This site is an international site and our members are from all around the world. All painters may apply for membership to our site.

This site is not a broker of art. If people are interested in purchasing your work, they can contact you directly by E-mail displayed at your page. Gallart is not involved in the sales between a member and an interested party. This method reduces fees and commissions.

Artists on our site help support our site's existence by paying lifetime membership of 70 EUR.
This is not a commercial site and we don't charge you because of profit. Your membership helps us cover Gallart's hosting costs.

If you're reading this, you already know that the Internet is powerful and it became one of biggest marketing tools ever. Almost 3 billion people in over 180 countries are using the Internet today. If you want to be a part of the wave, you've got to get "on the Net".

 Why choose Gallart Network? 

  •  Member’s standard page:  We will build a standard "9 paintings" web page and provide promotion services for you. A standard page allows you to display 9 paintings with your personal statement, meaning of your paintings, possible past exhibits, links to shows that you have elsewhere on the web …

  •  Your Personal E-mail:  You will get your own E-mail address ( Each mailbox can have up to 10MB of storage at any given time.

  •  Web Based E-mail Account:  Gallart Network will provide You can compose and retrieve your E-mail through any browser from anywhere in the world with our Web Based E-mail account.

  •  POP3 E-Mail Account:  This is actual E-mail account stored on our servers. Your E-mail can be retrieved with any E-mail client or our Web Based E-mail.

  •  Promotion:  Gallart Network will provide Internet promotion for your work.

  •  No Hidden Fees:  You will NEVER pay more than 70 EUR (one-time membership fee) for everything!! Your membership help us cover Gallart's hosting costs. We don't charge you because of profit.

  •  Upgrades:  Gallart’s team is continuously upgrading our systems with the latest technology, creating new tools and features to make your web presence as easily maintainable and reliable as possible. All upgrades will be available to all of our members at no additional charges.

Send us 9 pictures with descriptions via e-mail. Pictures can be attached to your E-mail and send to:

1. Paintings descriptions:

  • YEAR
  • TECHNIQUE (materials)
  • SIZE

Please send us only JPG picture type files, with min. 450 and max. 600 pixels high or wide (screen resolution 640 x 480). Be sure to scan them at true RGB colors.

2. Do not forget to send:

  • personal statement
  • biography
  • possible past exhibits
  • meaning of your paintings, etc;

3. Gallart's Search engine description:
     (go to Gallart's Painters List page and search for "canvas" to see examples)

  • 10 keywords which describe you and your work (acrylic, canvas, oil, your state, etc…)
  • one sentence which describes you and your work

You don't have to send us check with your material. Gallart will contact you upon receipt of your material and you will have final approval of your web page. After your page confirmation you will get further instructions.

If you have any questions in regards to your order, please send E-mail to

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