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Current winner is Tatjana LJEŠEVIČ CVAR, followed by Carolita CANTRELL, An VANDERLINDEN, James VELLA CLARK and Barbara JOYCE.

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Her pictures are dynamic and temperamental. She always uses symbols like crosses and circles.
Keywords: acrylic canvas Koersel Belgium Europe symbols
Barbara JOYCE
Her technique is the Rorschach or "ink blot" test (tossing paint on a canvas and then looking to see what "appears").
Keywords: acrylic canvas silk board wood panel Saba Netherlands Antilles USA America soft
Feisty, strong-willed, yet compassionate, with a indescribable zest for life.
Keywords: paint subjects from photographs on canvas using acrylics on bisque using a underglaze then firing in the kiln
Carolita is trying to share her dreams and feelings, as well as the beauty of her surroundings, with others through colors and shapes on canvas.
Keywords: oil on canvas variety of forms portraits murals sculpture commercial publications
No sense of realism, surrealism, abstract, impression, pop art, still-life, details, and any other styles for the new born child with the future of oppositiionist.
Keywords: strong finger painting young indonesia oriental asia sumatra bali new york
E. J. (Gene) PREDIKA
Giclée means "the spraying of paint". A technology that employs a sophisticated computer system, proprietary software, and a digital printer.
Keywords: portrait restoration print digital printer computer canvas electronic rag paper Giclée Moriarty New Mexico
Hratch is working with the new painting technic which remains undetectable mystery for the art-world.
Keywords: oil paper watercolor Armenia Russia USA 3D depth photographic accuracy
Clusters of village roof tops, chapels and country landscapes form the inspiration behind my new art.
Keywords: Malta and Gozo chapels and countryside with warm Mediterranean colours
Jean Pierre NACHER
Lyrical abstract outsider art, a vision which is genuine and unique.
Keywords: acrylic oil canvas contemporary paintings French artist lyrical abstract outsider
Judys life as an artist began after a near death experience from a hospital bed.
Keywords: Oil acrylic canvas clay spiritual portraits neardeath experience interplanetarian being
Kelly has been selected to be in the 1999 edition of the Encyclopedia of living Artists.
Keywords: oil canvas Seattle Washington USA America landscapes forests rivers lakes nature
Leonard RUBINS
Leonard`s pictures could be described as a scenery`s of events, which are happening at this time.
Keywords: computer graphic virtual mixed media Slovenia Europe
Vibrant abstract acrylic paintings take the viewer on a playful journey, walking the tightrope between wild abandon and control.
Keywords: colorful contempory vibrant abstract acrylic paintings high-energy action-painting expressionistic vivid
His painting is about being aware of time, place and the landscape, being outside, being there!
Keywords: paintings nature landscape sea contradictions water colour paper ink acrylic
You can choose from about 250 original paintings, realistic, colorful, and in great variety.
Keywords: Mountains teens churches barns portraits acrylic realistic landscapes sports portraits
The miniature, precious and objectively beautiful, offers Remo Boccacci the ideal support to express his subtle and profound research of equilibrium.
Keywords: Chromatic tones Tempera Miniature paperboard preciousness Byzantine landscapes countenances Reggio Emilia Italy
Richard is specialized in wildlife, landscapes, and western art in oils and pencil.
Keywords: oil canvas Utah USA America mountains nature wildlife landscapes pencil
Simona loves nature and live free, her paintings express her intimate emotions.
Keywords: canvas acryic oil nature animals emotions tatto airbrush pottery travel
Steve creates fantasy, wildlife and landscape paintings. His real talent comes through in his fantasy works.
Keywords: acrylic canvas fantasy wildlife landscape Florida self taught prints luhan originals dragons
Sunhee JOO
Sunhee Joo like people and nature and she is inspired to paint them.
Keywords: acrylic canvas Seul Korea Los Angeles USA America people nature
Tatjana shut off the logical part of her mind because she believe that creativity comes from the subconscious.
Keywords: acrylic canvas aquarelle cardboard Ljubljana Slovenia Europe Slovenia
Uzi Noy emphasizes composition and movement hence the theme of his work, Images and Shadows.
Keywords: acrylic mortar canvas mixed substances viscosity spray texture Israel
The overall results of the vote:
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1. Tatjana LJEŠEVIČ CVAR: 11 votes
2. Carolita CANTRELL: 10 votes
3. An VANDERLINDEN: 9 votes
4. James VELLA CLARK: 8 votes
5. Barbara JOYCE: 6 votes
6. EJ Gene PREDIKA: 6 votes
7. Barbara WILFORD DOMINY: 5 votes
8. Remo BOCCACCI: 5 votes
9. Jean Pierre NACHER: 5 votes
10. Sunhee JOO: 5 votes
11. Richard SANDERS: 4 votes
12. Uzi NOY: 4 votes
13. Paul TRITENBACH: 4 votes
14. Leonard RUBINS: 4 votes
15. Kelly GAVAZZA: 4 votes
16. Judy JONES: 4 votes
17. Nick COWLING: 3 votes
18. Simona PARINI: 3 votes
19. Steve ROBERTS: 3 votes
20. Hratch ISRAELIAN: 3 votes
21. Cayung SIAGIAN: 3 votes
22. Lynne TAETZSCH: 3 votes

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